Ketubah or Ketubot

The Ketubot is the plural for Ketubah. It is one of the oldest and most central elements of a Jewish wedding. The Ketubot is a contract between the bride and groom outlining their respective rights and obligations. It is primarily written in Aramaic or Hebrew.

The text of the Ketubot is often read aloud in Aramaic and English during the wedding. Also, it is traditionally the first decoration hung on the wall of the newlywed’s home.

In contemporary times, the Ketubah has become a beautiful work of art, displaying Jewish tradition, history and values. It is displayed in the home as a reminder of the ideals and foundations of the marriage.

On one hand, most Orthodox and Conservative Jews have largely maintained the standardized Ketubot text. On the other hand, Reform, Interfaith and gay couples often write their own paragraphs, reflections of their own feelings for each other.

Domenica draws all versions of Hebrew for Ketubot, ranging from the traditional Aramaic, Conservative with the Lieberman clause, to the Egalitarian and more modern texts.

All Hebrew is drawn with the beautiful block Hebrew letters. An optional English translation in whatever letter style you select is available.

Domenica works with a number of watercolor artists. These artists can help create a special one of a kind border that will surround your text.

Finally, all the Hebrew and English lettering is reviewed by your Rabbi prior to the completion of the custom final draft.

Lithographs purchased from other artists can be filled in with your wedding specifics as well. You select the lettering style, the Ketubah. If you prefer we can discuss creating a custom Ketubah made just for you.

Order Your Custom Hand Drawn Ketubah

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