Hand-Addressed Envelopes

Hand addressed envelopes with beautiful hand lettered calligraphy are the final touch to any special event invitation. Check out our sampling of the most popular calligraphy letter styles requested. In addition, many typesets can be replicated. If you have another letter style in mind, then just ask Domenica if she can draw it.

All addressed envelopes are drawn using a matching color of ink as the return address on the back flap of the envelope at no extra charge. The lines are drawn with the classic flush left margin or centered.

Calligraphy letter styles are interchangeable, if desired. Domenica provides up to 38-lettering styles to choose from including Hebrew lettering.   Each envelope is caringly addressed with your guest’s name in one calligraphy letter style and the address, in another complimenting style.  Take a closer look at some of the photo examples of envelope projects previously  addressed by Domenica……

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After all, calligraphy lettering adds a personalized touch to your hand addressed envelopes. Firstly, your invitation is the focus of everyone’s attention when they see the elegant calligraphy letters on the envelope cover. Secondly, their anticipation for the event you planned is heightened when they unfold the invitation and read what you planned.

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